A 30-year-old Squamish woman has been arrested for allegedly stealing her former dog from its newly adopted family in Saanich.

The one-year-old Husky was adopted from the SPCA in mid-April, after being seized by the RCMP when its original owners were arrested in connection with an alleged auto theft.

One week later, the dog's adoptive family reported the pet stolen from their home, and police found the animal in Squamish, with the woman who had previously owned it.

B.C. SPCA manager Lori Chortyk said it's investigating how someone could have tracked the dog down and what the new owners were told about the dog's history.

Chortyk said the previous owner did not get any information about the dog's whereabouts from the SPCA.

"We would never release any information. They're pretty sure that there was a photo posted by the family on Facebook and someone tracked it down," she said.

The dog is now in a temporary foster home because the adopted family is afraid to take it back.