Jeremy Roth, 23, of Abbotsford has been charged with child luring, after allegedly trying to arrange to have sex with someone he thought was a 15-year-old girl — but was actually a police detective.

Abbotsford police got a tip in December of last year that someone was posing online as a 19-year-old man and targeting 15-year-old girls for a sexual purpose, police said in a news release.

A detective from Abbotsford's major crime unit then posed online as a 15-year-old and communicated with the man.

He requested to meet the detective for sex, police allege.

Roth was arrested before the meeting on Monday.

He faces one charge of luring a child under the age of 16 — which, under the criminal code of Canada, extends to someone the accused believes is underage.

"This incident serves as a reminder for all parents to be aware of the online activities of their children," said the Abbotsford police in a statement.

"In addition, parents should be familiar with all of their children's friends and their whereabouts at all times."