A woman who made a name for herself in Prince George's Rated PG Rollergirl roller derby league has become the first female member of the Vancouver Murder men's team, taking part in an international tournament in South Wales this past weekend.

"It's a dream come true," said Theresa Sapergia who competes under the name "Mrs. Testosterone." 

 Both Sapergia and her partner, "Mr. Testosterone," are jammers — a player who scores points by lapping a jammer on the opposing team while avoiding interference from other players.

Sepergia jamming

When not skating with the Vancouver Murder, Sapergia is a member of the Prince George co-ed team 'The Lords of the North.' (Brenda ​Hansen)

Sapergia said watching him play with the Vancouver Murder was what first made her think she might be able to compete against other men.

"[He's] one of the best jammers in the world," she said. "I'm rather burly myself ... so I just jumped in and said 'where do you need me?'"

This past weekend, she traveled with the Murder to the international Men's Roller Derby Association Champsionship in South Wales, where the team won two out of three games and placed ninth overall.

She said there was a noticeable difference competing against men rather than women.

"Their weight is all up high. They weigh a lot, just the speed and the confidence of all these men — it was a big adjustment," she said.


Sapergia said going up against men allowed her to be more physical in her competition than she is used to. (Anja Wettergren)

Sapergia also said that while she noticed she was playing against men, she was never made to feel out of place.

"I have had to emotionally come to terms that they don't notice I'm a woman," she said. "They have been nothing but amazing."

Back in Prince George, she is helping lead the co-ed team Lords of the North with plans to continue skating alongside the Murder.

"This is where I belong," she said.

With files from Betsy Trumpener.

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