TransLink is hoping painting some markings on the sidewalk at the 99-B bus stop at the Commercial-Broadway SkyTrain station will help ease some of the jostling and congestion this fall.

The queuing lines painted on the ground will direct passengers to the front, middle and rear doors of the westbound buses. An accessibility path to the front door will be put in place for customers with disabilities.

Crews are working on the lines this week, and TransLink says the system will be in place by next week.

The pilot project will run from September until April, when the construction of a new bus shelter at the stop is scheduled to start.

Transit users will be able to fill out an online survey to give some feedback on how well they are working.

Commuter Joshua Irwin isn't convinced it's going to work.

"Nobody is going to pay attention to the lines, I really doubt it, maybe sometimes, but it is a really big open area," he says.

The 99-B Line, which serves Vancouver General Hospital and UBC, is the busiest bus route in Metro Vancouver and there have been calls for years to add a rapid transit line along the route.

YouTube: 99 B-Line Pilot Queuing System Timelapse