U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency photo of the cross-border tunnel.

Three men from B.C. who were arrested in Washington state last summer following the discovery of a pot-smuggling tunnel under the Canada-U.S. border in the Fraser Valley have been sentenced to nine years in prison.

A U.S. Federal Court judgehanded downthe sentences in a Seattle courtroom on Friday.

Francis Devandra Raj, 31; Timothy Woo, 35; and Jonathan Valenzuela, 28—all of Surrey— had been convicted of conspiracy to distribute marijuana and conspiracy to import marijuana.

The three will be allowed to serve their sentences in a Canadian prison.

They were arrested in July 2005 by U.S. authorities following an extensive investigation of their sophisticated 110-metre cross-border tunnel.

The 1½-metre high, one-metre-wide tunnel ran under the 49th parallel from a Quonset hut in Langley to an abandoned house 90 metres south of the border in Washington state.

Police installed cameras and microphones in the house, allowing them to watch the three Canadians carry hockey bags and garbage bags full of pot through the tunnel.

The tunnel has since been destroyed.

B.C. Solicitor General John Les had said at the time that he was glad that the men were arrested in the U.S. because American sentencing was tougher.

Les had called Canadian sentencing of people who engage in production or trafficking of marijuana "a bit of a joke."