7 stranded hikers rescued from closed trail near Grouse Mountain

Seven stranded hikers have been rescued northeast of Grouse Mountain after intentionally trekking up a closed hiking trail.

Group ignored trail closed signs, were ill prepared for winter conditions and steep terrain

Seven lost hikers have been rescued from the Hanes Valley Trail northeast of Grouse Mountain. (Wikimedia Commons)

Seven stranded hikers have been rescued north east of Grouse Mountain after intentionally trekking up a closed hiking trail.

The group got lost on the closed Hanes Valley Trail which runs from Lynn Headwaters Regional Park to the top of Grouse Mountain.

North Shore Rescue made voice contact late Sunday night and after conducting an avalanche risk assessment were able to lead the hikers to safety.

According to NSR the group was not prepared for the steep terrain or winter conditions. Team leader Mike Danks says hikers need to obey trail closures.

"The area is closed for a reason," Danks told CBC News. "There's high avalanche danger in the Hanes Valley so we don't want people going in those areas. It puts our members at risk to go back there to bring these people out and it seems to be happening more and more often."

Even in the summer Hanes Valley is rated as a difficult hike, meant for experienced hikers in top physical condition. 



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