The PuSh Festival of Performing Arts is turning 10 this year, but there are no signs the popular Vancouver event it is running out material to challenge local audiences, say the creators.

A decade ago, Katrina Dunn and Norman Armour decided to put together the first PuSH Festival. Armour says the idea was to break down barriers between performing arts disciplines and audiences, and feed a need in the city.

PuSh Festival's Norman Armour

PuSh Festival's Norman Armour (Yukiko Onley)

"We thought there perhaps was a hunger for contemporary work that was cutting edge, that was pushing boundaries, that was about innovation. And even potentially, that there was an opportunity to put work outside...Lo and behold ten years later, nothing like a good idea. It just turns out better and better the more it plays out."

Today the PuSH Festival is still known for bringing in work from all over the world that pushes boundaries in terms of form and content. Here are five picks at this year's festival from Norman Armour:

Gob Squad's Kitchen - A Berlin-based company celebrates Andy Warhol and his film work during the Factory era.

"One of the finest pieces I've seen in the last ten years. It will have standing ovations, I have no doubt," says Armour.

Danse Lhasa Danse -  A moving dance and music tribute to the late great singer, Lhasa de Sela, who lost her voice, ultimately, her life to cancer.

Brimful of Asha - Did she or didn't she try to arrange his marriage? Mother and son Asha and Ravi Jain recount this true tale of generational and cultural clash.

"It's a wonderful, beautiful piece of familial relationships."

Have I No Mouth  - A Dublin mother, son, and their real-life psychotherapist explore the aftermath of the unexpected death of the family patriarch.

Armour loves it for "...its sense of humour, its fierceness, its tenderness, but its also begrudging bitterness...remarkable, remarkable piece.

​Seeds - Eric Peterson stars in the production about a Saskatchewan farmer going to court with Monsanto.

"Eric Peterson is a remarkable, remarkable Canadian artist."

The PuSh Festival runs Jan. 14 to  Feb. 2 at various venues around Vancouver.