A Vancouver Island steelworker who won a Lotto Max jackpot of nearly $36 million flew into Vancouver Tuesday to pick up his winnings — and go to the Canucks game.

David Rennie, 48, and his family chartered a helicopter from their home in Campbell River.

"Friends of ours had some [Canucks] tickets here [in Vancouver]" Rennie said after picking up his $35.7-million cheque.

He said he told his wife to call their friends and get the tickets.

"She said it was going to be pretty expensive, and we're like, 'Yeah, so? It doesn't matter!'"


David Rennie, of Campbell River, B.C., flashes a $35.7-million smile at Lotto BC headquarters in Richmond, B.C. ((CBC))

Rennie took his Lotto Max ticket to a Campbell River gas station Friday night to check if it was a winner.

Rennie described the moment, which was captured by a closed-circuit security camera.

"All of a sudden I look at it. Says, 'Winner,' and shows this total here and I just lost it," he said. "I put my head down, lot of jumping up and down, lot of hooting and hollering. Pretty weird, yeah."

State of shock

Gas station clerk Glenn Moon had the scanned winning ticket.

"They had to take him to the back so he could sit down because he was in a state of shock," said Moon.

Rennie said he plans to buy horses for his wife, a BMW for his son, and take in every major sporting event he can.

"Go to the World Series, stuff like that," he said. "Super Bowl. Stanley Cup finals — here in Vancouver."

He said he still has to take care of one other piece of unfinished business. He has to call his boss.

What will Rennie have to say?

"I quit," he said.

With files from the CBC's Ben Hadaway