Rajwinder Halait says her family is reeling after two men burst into their Surrey B.C. home around 5:30 p.m. Wednesday, roughed up her husband, terrorized three children in the home, and strapped her and a nanny to the stairway banister.

Halait said there was no reason not to answer the door when the bell rang. She thought it was her aunt who had been out walking with one of Halait's 13-month-old twins, but instead it was robbers.

Rajwinder Halait - Surrey Home Invasion

Rajwinder Halait says she was home with three children and a nanny when two men pushed into her home looking for the family safe. (CBC)

"I started to look. They were on the side. They gave me a push and threw me on the stairs, closed my mouth and pulled out a knife," she said.

Navpreet Sandhar

Rajwinder Halait's husband, Navpreet Sandhar, is shown in his hospital bed after he was punched, causing him to fall and hit his head. (CBC)

Halait was home with her other twin, her aunt's two daughters and a nanny. Upstairs, all five were forced to stand against a wall. Then the two women were tied to the banister.

Originally police reported four children were involved and that they'd been tied up. But the family said there were only three children, none of whom were tied up.

Balbir Sandhar, an aunt, said the crying children were taken to the master bedroom and threatened.

"They said, 'I'm your dad's friend. Your dad needs money, You show us where your safe is,' and then they said, 'If you do not show us then I kill you,'" she told CBC News. "They show the knife to my kid. They are only 7½ years old."

Father attacked in driveway

Sandhar said she was returning from her walk just as the men were leaving. Her husband and Halait's husband, Navpreet Sandhar, were also coming home from work at the same time.    

Balbir Sandhar

Balbir Sandhar says the children's father is having memory problems after his head injury. (CBC)

During an altercation in the driveway, she said, Navpreet was punched in the face so hard by one of the men he fell back on the concrete and was taken to hospital with a serious head injury

"He lose memory," Sandhar said. "He ask, 'What happen with me?' He don't remember, what the day is today."

The families' two safes, which contained 24-karat gold, cash and passports, are gone.

Family friend Dave Mourh said he's familiar with this type of robbery.

"It's an Indian type of robbery. Well planned. They came in with a weapon and robbed something within 5-10 minutes and go. This kind of robberies happen in India a lot."

The two suspects, described as South Asian and wearing hoodies, fled the home and drove away in a dark-coloured Honda Civic.

Police say family was targeted

Surrey, B.C. RCMP Cpl. Bert Paquet said it was a targeted home invasion.

"Based on the language exchange between the homeowner and the suspects, we believe they spoke Punjabi and therefore are looking for South Asian males. Again because they were wearing hoodies, we don't have a great description."

He said police are talking to the family to develop some leads.

"Investigators are working at gaining the co-operation of the homeowner, which could lead to further details on who could be responsible,"

The family said they have no idea why they were targeted.

"We have no issues or disputes with anyone. I don't know. Why, our house?"

Last April there was a similar home invasion only blocks away.

With files from the CBC's Steve Lus and Belle Puri