Felix Zhou, chef and co-owner of Heritage Asian Eatery, took home 2017's Curry Cup, awarded by the Chef's Table Society of British Columbia, with his Thai duck curry with potato rosti.

Zhou joined host Gloria Macarenko on CBC-TV's Our Vancouver to show her what goes into the winning dish.

  • Potato: shredded, fully cooked, steamed, cut into shapes and deep fried.
  • Duck: deboned from the leg, marinated for five days (to help tenderize it) and caramelized.
  • Bean curd  
  • Fresh Thai basil and cilantro
  • Pickled jalapenos ("for an extra kick")
  • Basil oil (to finish)
Thai duck curry with potato rosti

Felix Zhou's Thai duck curry with potato rosti includes bean curd and pickled jalapenos. (CBC)

"Personally, I like a little bit of everything," he said, "A little bit of sweet, acidic and spicy at the same time. That's how I came about this dish. Sort of like what I enjoy eating most."

Zhou also brought a few of his favourite dishes from his restaurant, Heritage Asian Eatery: fried cauliflower (seasoned with a five spice rub), duck rice bowl (breast marinated then roasted) and pork belly bao.

He also showed off a couple relatively new dishes: green onion pancake (with shitake mushrooms and smoked tofu) and golden mantou with matcha condensed milk.

To watch Felix Zhou show Gloria Macarenko the food on Our Vancouver, click here