The B.C. community of Revelstoke is buzzing this morning after lottery officials confirmed someone in town recently bought the only winning ticket for last night's $20 million 6/49 lottery draw.

The unknown owner of the winning ticket in the Oct. 30 draw has one year to step forward and claim the $20,223,182.30 prize.

The winning numbers are 4, 9, 24, 41, 47, and 48, with the bonus number 46.


Someone who bought a 6/49 ticket in Revelstoke, B.C., this week is more than $20 million richer this morning. (CBC)

At the Main Street Cafe, owner Shelley Klassen says the news has spread quickly in the small town.

 "I wish it was me. First thing I thought, I ran and grabbed my ticket and had a look."

But Klassen was not the winner, and neither was Mayor David Raven, but he's still hopeful.

"I'm really hoping it's one of my friends, family or relatives, you know, someone who will share with me," said Raven.

Mayor remains hopeful

The mayor says whoever the winner is, he hopes they plan on sticking around.

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"It could be a big benefit to the local economy, or it could be just one moving company."          

Raven says he's been asking around trying to discover who has the winning ticket.    

"So far most people I've talked to are not even owning up to having a ticket."           

And so, Revelstoke waits, and watches for someone to step forward and claim the prize.

"We'll all be standing outside the lottery office this morning to see who goes in first," says the mayor.