Two full-patch members of the Hells Angels are part of a group of men facing second-degree murder charges for the beating death of a Kelowna, B.C., man earlier this month.

RCMP are expected to reveal more details about the case on Tuesday afternoon in Kelowna, but a police source has confirmed two of the seven men charged with murdering Dain Phillips, 51, are Kelowna Hells Angels members Norman Cocks, 31, and Robert Thomas, 46.

The attack took place on June 12, when Phillips went to an arranged meeting in an attempt to make peace in a dispute involving his sons and two other men. But when he arrived he was confronted by several men and beaten with weapons, according to police. He died several hours later.

It's believed to be the first time in B.C. a full patch member of the Hells Angels has been charged with murder. The other men involved are believed to be members of local clubs associated with the Hells Angels.

Phillips, 51, was a large man who played hockey in the rough and tumble western hockey league in the 1970's.