The Coroners Service of British Columbia has identified two feet that washed ashore in Richmond in 2008, and say no foul play was involved.

Officials said DNA positively identified the feet as belonging to a New Westminster woman. Her family has been notified and have requested her name not be made public at this time.

The woman's right foot was found on May 22, 2008, on Kirkland Island, in the Fraser River in Richmond, just west of the George Massey Tunnel. The left foot was found Nov. 11, 2008, on a beach along the Fraser River, also in Richmond. Each foot was encased in a matching size 7 New Balance running shoe.

Autopsies indicated the feet were separated through the natural processes that occur in a marine environment.

Eight feet belonging to six individuals were discovered along the B.C. coast between August 2007 and August 2011.

The coroners service has identified six of the feet as belonging to four individuals. Investigators are working to identify the remaining two feet, which are both male.