Two men were arrested in Abbotsford, B.C., after allegedly running more than $1 million worth of cocaine across the U.S.-Canada border in four duffle bags on Saturday night.

Abbotsford police said U.S. border agents spotted three men on security cameras running bags across the border and then quickly crossing back into B.C.

An Abbotsford police helicopter was called in and tracked two of the men to some berry fields, where they were arrested.

Acting Staff Sgt. Daffydd Hermann said the two men are in custody but police aren't certain whether a third person was actually involved.

The suspects' names were not released and police said they are still investigating whether they have links to gangs.

Hermann said if the two men were running drugs for a gang, their lives could be at risk because it's not unusual to see someone killed after a large quantity of drugs is seized.

"Somebody will have to account for this missing product somewhere," said Hermann.

Abbotsford, a farming community east of Vancouver, recently earned the title of murder capital of Canada because of the number of homicides linked to the violent battle for control of its organized illegal drug trade in recent years.