Langley Animal Protection Society says one kitten has died and three others escaped, after 10 very young kittens were found abandoned, taped inside a cardboard box thrown in a dumpster.

According to executive director Sean Baker, a passerby discovered the box last Thursday around 5 p.m. PT. When the person opened the box, three of the kittens escaped and one was unconscious.

On receiving the animals, LAPS named the seven kittens after the seven wonders of the world. Despite treatment, the ailing kitten - named Little Everest - subsequently died on Saturday.

"It is sick," said Baker. "Someone purposely put [the box] there. We always say, it's not up to us to judge why the person can't care for the cat but please, you need to deal with it appropriately. This was not appropriate."

The six kittens that remain - Cano, Canyon, Rio, Aurora, Victoria and Reef - are said to be from two different litters, four and six weeks old respectively.

All six are doing well and LAPS have set up a live stream of the kittens online, so supporters can follow their progress.

Baker says the society has tried to find the three escaped kittens, with no luck. They have no idea who placed the box there and why.

"It was very fortunate this person found them. It was warm and when they're that small, they need food and water consistently."

On mobile? Click here to watch the live stream of the surviving kittens on the LAPS website