Brian Mulroney's Montreal house for sale

A look inside the former Canadian prime minister's mansion, being sold for $7.95 million

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Provincial Elections 2015

Alberta Votes »

Wildrose releases donor list, calls on other parties to do the same
The Wildrose Party has revealed a list of its top donors and says it has raised more than $1 million in donations in the lead-up to Tuesday’s vote.
Analysis Alberta election: Prentice PCs can still win the war
Polls don't look good for the PCs, says pollster Bruce Cameron. But the Tory ground game and the riding math means he might just be able to salvage a narrow win.
Alberta election: Parties focus on Calgary in campaign's last days
With the NDP dominating Edmonton, and Wildrose showing strong support in rural Alberta, all the province's political parties are setting their sights on Calgary in advance of Tuesday's vote.

PEI Votes »

Analysis 4 rookie leaders, accountability the key issues in P.E.I. election
With a history of alternating between Liberal and Conservative governments, this should probably be the Tories' turn. But with each of the four main parties on the island having brand new, untried leaders, Monday's vote is not easy to call.
Feature P.E.I. political issues, 2011-14: Tourism struggles
With tourism in the doldrums the P.E.I. government looks for answers.
Analysis P.E.I. election promises: Balancing the budget
Former P.E.I. finance minister Wes Sheridan promised for two years that the budget would be balanced in 2015. No one is promising that now.

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