Bluenose to be taken off Canada's dime

A new plan for the Canadian dime isn't going over very well in the town of Lunenburg, home of the famous schooner Bluenose.

For more than 60 years Bluenose has been featured on Canada's dime.

But this year the Royal Canadian Mint in Ottawa is making millions of new dimes without the famous schooner. Instead the dime will honour the March of Dimes and that isn't sitting well with some people in Lunenburg.

"I'm real mad about it," says 90-year-old Clem Hitz whoused to work aboard the legendary vessel in the 1930's. "Why didn't they take that old beaver off the nickel? To hell with the beaver."

The curator of the Lunenburg Fisheries Museum says the Bluenose and the dime belong together.

"It's been there since 1937 and we sure hope it's put back," says Ralph Getson.

Even foreign tourists wandering on the Lunenburg waterfront agree.

"I think Canadians are very proud of the ship and it's not good to do this," said one German man.

But the people who produce Canada's money say there is no need to worry. The change is just a temporary one.

"It's only for one year," explains Phil Taylor with the Royal Canadian Mint. "Bluenose will be back next year."

Still many Lunenburgers remember when their town was featured on the $100 bill. The town was removed for one year they were told, but it never reappeared.