CBC comedy show This Hour has 22 Minutes ambushed American comedian Bill Cosby as the controversial comedian left a theatre in Kitchener, Ont., last night and was hustled through the cold into a waiting car.

The show's writer and mock-correspondent Abdul Butt called out to Cosby, who has lately been the subject of numerous allegations of sexual assault going back decades.

"Hey, Bill, congratulations on your first show in 2015!" Butt yelled. "Way to start the year off with a bang! Hope it was consensual this time, though, Billy."

There appeared to be no response from Cosby or his handlers.

Protesters gathered outside the Centre in the Square theatre before the show to protest Cosby's appearance.

After the show, Cosby issued a statement to Kitchener fans, thanking them for coming out.

"I would like to personally thank you for giving me the opportunity to bring laughter back into your lives tonight," Cosby said in a release. "Also, I would like to applaud all of you and give you a standing ovation for respecting yourselves, the theatre [Centre In the Square] and the event organizers that produced a spectacular show for the Kitchener community."

He has two more Canadian dates:

  • Thursday night (tonight) in London, Ont.
  • Friday night (tomorrow) in Hamilton.