Big night planned to celebrate opening of Mile One Stadium

There'll be no big international or national act opening the new Mile One Stadium in St. John's.

Those who run the stadium held a splashy news conference to make the announcement that the gala opening is set for May 24 and it will be an all Newfoundland night. The performers will be the Irish Descendents, Barry Canning, the St. Pats dancers, Ron Hynes and many others.

In all, there will be 24 Newfoundland performers. Glenn Stanford says many will be backed up by the Newfoundland Symphony Orchestra.

"Yes, we could have booked a national or international superstar for the occasion, but that was never in the cards. Mile One Stadium is for the people of this province, so it makes sense that the people of this province take the spotlight at the all important Night One Celebration."

Work is still going on to prepare the stadium, but those in the know say it will be ready for the opening.