We've told you the story about a man who's circumnavigating the island in a kayak this summer. He's not the only one making the attempt. Another adventurer a British expatriot is also paddling his way around Newfoundland.

Bernie Howgate is a travel writer. And for the best part of a decade Newfoundland and Labrador has been his bread and butter. In 1992 he struggled up the Labrador coast on foot in the dead of winter. And spent the winter in a tent in Mud Lake writing about it.

When he's not adventuring he's beating the pavement, selling his books. He's published them himself. So far he's sold 25-thousand door-to-door. "I like the east coast," he says. "I like Newfoundland, I really do. I love the people here. They give me what I want: food in my belly, a roof over my head and a bloody good story to tell. What else do I need?

A typical day for Howgate: pull into any harbour and get invited to dinner by a stranger. Today he's ended up at Eric West's In Ladle Cove. "People are basically good," says West. "And they want to meet visitors, particularly ones as strange as Bernie."

"I like meeting people," says Howgate. "It's not the nature or the wildlife. They're the icing on the cake but they're not the meat of the trip."

Of the two months he's been paddling Howgate figures he's slept in his tent fewer than 20 times. He'll spend the next month completing his latest adventure. Then he'll write the book. He plans to spend the next few winters snowshoeing up rivers from Quebec into Labrador. But at 51, he's not long from hanging up his paddle.

Howgate says he won't retire his pen. He plans to take a bus trip from Toronto to Hollywood. Then write another book.