A Gatineau bar owner is challenging a bylaw prohibiting erotic shows in certain parts of the city.

Le Palladium d'Or is located along Greber Boulevard, one of Gatineau's main commercial arteries. People living nearby have complained about the kind of shows going on at the bar.

The city of Gatineau issued a licence to the owner to operate a bar 18 months ago. The city's lawyer, David Robinson, says there was no mention then of erotic shows.

Robert Lahaye, the bar owner's lawyer, made a name for himself as the lawyer of the swingers' club L'Orage in Montreal, where police conducted an undercover operation resulting in the arrest of several leading citizens.

Lahaye says the Palladium d'Or doesn't contravene the bylaw because its shows are not erotic. He says the bylaw is far too vague and open to misinterpretation.

The city's lawyer, David Robinson, acknowledges that the bylaw doesn't contain a narrow definition of eroticism. He says the city defines erotic as everything but nudity.

Furthermore, Lahaye argues that it's up to the federal government, not municipalities, to legislate morality.