Vancouver Police are urging two suspects in a fatal shooting early Friday morning outside a nightclub in downtown Vancouver, to turn themselves in for their own protection.

Police say the victim, 40-year old Donald William Roming, was a full, "colour-wearing" member of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club, but wasn't wearing his colours at the time of the shooting.

Police spokesperson. Constable Anne Drennan, says the two men involved in the shooting may not have know just who their victim was, and for that reason are offering the pair protection.

"We know that the Hells Angels tend to take the law into their own hands when situations such as this take place," she says. "We believe that it would be in the best interest of the suspects to contact the police themselves. We will make arragements for them to come in and to be protected."

Police say an argument involving three men began inside the Bar None club in Yaletown at about 2 a.m., and then spilled out onto the street.

At least four shots were fired; one of them striking Roming in the chest.

Drennan says there's no indication the shooting was related to any other criminal activity, but admits police still don't know why Roming was targeted.

Yaletown reaction

The Yaletown-Concord Neighbourhood Association says Bar None has cleaned up its act in the past few years, but is concerned that gangs are coming back to the area.

The Association has been part of an effort to get the bar out of the area three years ago. That was around the time notorious gangster Bindy Johal was shot and killed at a nearby club.

Association president Caralee Randall says there were meetings with local police and Bar None. "We've had a lot of motorcycle issues in the neighborhood, but we have been able to solve a lot of the problems," he says. "Now it appears this is a problem that has re-surfaced."

She says if gang activity is heating up again, the Association will re-launch it's drive to get the well-known bar moved out of the area.