Baby killer's release worries police

A man who beat his infant son to death a decade ago is due to be released from prison on Saturday, and authorities say they're afraid of what he might do then.

Raymond Laroche has been denied parole during his 10-year sentence on a manslaughter conviction. But he will be freed on Saturday.

A Windsor court granted requests Friday by the Crown and police to attach conditions to Laroche's release.

The court ruled Laroche must undergo psychiatric treatment. He is also not allowed to associate with some members of his family, who believe he could hurt them.

Laroche was 19 in 1990 when he and his 15-year-old girlfriend garnered national attention after they reported their eight-month-old son Raymond Jr. missing.

The pair appeared on TV begging for their son's return. Laroche denied any involvement, smiling as he asked reporters, "Do I seem violent to you?"

Two days later, the baby was found floating in the Detroit River. An autopsy showed he had been brutally beaten before drowning.

Ten days later, Laroche was arrested and confessed to killing the baby.

On Thursday, the Crown told Justice Saul Nosanchuk that Laroche would injure somebody if there were no conditions put on his release.

The Crown wanted to keep Laroche from seeing nine relatives and former friends. Prosecutors also said they want him to abstain from alcohol and to seek counselling.

Laroche's lawyer, Bob Pietro, argued his client has done his time and has the right to get on with his life.