A former B.C. ferry will sail under Lions Gate Bridge on Monday afternoon, carrying relief supplies to earthquake-battered El Salvador.

Volunteers from the local Central American community loaded the ship over the weekend, despite a call to send money instead of supplies.

Sheena Vivian of Langley, who is on the board of the International Association of Emergency Managers, says it's difficult to get emergency supplies to their intended destination. Despite her reservations, Vivian helped carry boxes on board the former ferry on Sunday.

"We always would prefer to see cash instead of goods in kind, but these people have families there," she says. "You can't tell them what they can do in order to get things there."

Ana David, one of the collection organizers, says money has its own problems. "It's harder and more difficult to channel funding to the right places and spots than it is to channel a bottle of water or a box of clothing," she says.

A coordinator from Vancouver is travelling to El Salvador to monitor the shipment.