August long weekend 2014: What's open and what's closed

Canadians in most provinces are gearing up for their second-last long weekend of the summer.

Federal government offices will be closed on Monday

A balloon monster entertains a group of children and their families during Natal Day celebrations in Halifax on Aug. 5, 2013. (Cassie Williams/CBC)

Canadians are gearing up for the second-last long weekend of the summer.

Monday is a holiday in every province and territory except Quebec, Newfoundland and Labrador, and Yukon. Federal government offices across the country will be closed, and many provincial and municipal services will not be operating either.

Depending on where they are, some supermarkets, retail stores and other private businesses and services will be closed, whereas others will be operating on special holiday hours. Services that will remain open vary by province.

Here’s an overview of what’s open and closed across Canada this August long weekend.


The first Monday of August is known as Heritage Day in Alberta. It’s not a mandatory public holiday, so expect a lot of businesses to stay open.

British Columbia

Monday is a statutory holiday in British Columbia. Most provincial government offices will be closed for B.C. Day. Select BC Liquor stores will open for the day. Many malls, grocery stores and other businesses will be holding special holiday hours. 


Manitoba Premier Greg Salinger announced last month that he hopes the province will vote to rename Civic Holiday after late anti-cancer crusader Terry Fox. But it's still officially Civic Holiday for 2014. Public offices will be closed Monday, but many supermarkets, malls and other retailers will be open. Liquor Mart locations will close early on Monday evening.

New Brunswick

Unlike most of the other provinces, New Brunswick requires most businesses, as well as public offices, to close for the holiday, known as New Brunswick Day. If you need to stock up on supplies, do so on Saturday and Sunday.

Nova Scotia

On Monday, Nova Scotians will be celebrating Natal Day, which honours the founding of the province. Most major grocery stores and most NSLC locations will be running on a special holiday schedule.


The Civic Holiday Monday spells closures for provincial and municipal services across Ontario. Many malls, supermarkets and shops will be open for the day. Some LCBO locations will closed for the day, but 370 will be open.

Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island celebrates its own Natal Day on Monday. Federal offices will be closed, but otherwise most services will be open for business.


Aug. 4 is Saskatchewan Day, and most public employees in the province won’t be working. Most malls and grocery stores will be open, while select SLGA liquor stores will be running on special holiday schedules.

Northwest Territories and Nunavut

Territorial public employees in both the Northwest Territories and Nunavut will have the day off.