Astronaut Chris Hadfield is planning on doing some serious space jamming during his six-month visit to the International Space Station.

The Canadian is scheduled to blast off aboard a Russian spacecraft on December 5 with NASA astronaut Tom Marshburn and Russian cosmonaut Roman Romanenko.

Hadfield and his travelling companions are all avid guitar players. The Canadian commander is teaming up with the Barenaked Ladies' Ed Robertson to write, record and perform a song while the former is orbiting in space.

Romanenko played with U2 when the group visited Moscow in 2010 and Marshburn is a classical guitarist.

Hadfield says he's planning to do some song-writing while he gazes down at the Earth.

He'll take time during evenings and weekends to play and record the songs he's written and some of those sessions will include other members of the astronaut trio.

This will be Hadfield's third space mission and, during his space station visit, he will become the first Canadian commander of the orbiting laboratory.