A former member of the monastic religious community based in the Laurentians is suing the community, its leader, and 13 other members for more than $2.5 million.

Germain Currier claims he suffered pain and mental anguish during his 16 years with the Apostles of Infinite Love.

He alleges he was physically and sexually abused by members of the order, including the group's leader, Gaston Tremblay.

Tremblay is also known as Father Jean, and claims the identity of Pope Gregory XVII.

As a child, Germain Currier and an older sister were the focus of a highly-publicized custody case.

Currier's father, a former member of the Apostles, was awarded legal custody of the two children. The Apostles' refusal to turn them over landed the group's leader in jail for six months.

But the children remained hidden.

In his suit, Currier alleges during a ten year period spanning from 1976 to 1986, he was moved all over North America.

He says he was always cut off from outsiders and was sometimes forced to hide behind a false wall inside a closet.

The suit alleges that isolation -- and the Apostles' teachings that he should forget his parents and give himself to God -- marred his ability to form relationships to this day.

The suit also describes repeated beatings.

Currier says he was sometimes plunged into a barrel of cold water as punishment for wetting his bed.

"My punishment every single time is they would take my feet and put me head-first, back and forth, back and forth.

"And if i cried or moved too much, the would just put me back longer," Currier said.

The suit also alleges Currier was sexually molested by the so-called priest who heard his confession and by the leader of the Apostles of Infinite Love, Gaston Tremblay.

Tremblay and three other members of the order already face abuse charges, but Currier is not among the alleged victims named in the criminal proceedings.

The Apostles have referred questions about the suit to their lawyer, Michel Massicotte.

However Massicotte has so far been unreachable for comment.