Another allegation against Ottawa cops

Ottawa police are dealing with a second alleged assault on a woman by a male officer.

An amateur video released on Wednesday showed an officer apparently beating a handcuffed woman's face on the surface of his cruiser during an arrest last November.

On Friday police announced they've opened another investigation into a separate incident last Thanksgiving.

Medical secretary Leslie DeFazio says she had had a long-running dispute with her upstairs neighbours about noise. She says last Thanksgiving she knocked on her ceiling as she'd done many times before. Soon after, DeFazio found two police officers at her door, one male, one female.

DeFazio says she and her 15-year-old daughter had a turkey in the oven when police told her they were arresting her for mischief. She says they cuffed her hands behind her back, and marched her behind the building, where the male officer smashed her head into a parked car.

"I was trying to walk, I fell to the ground, because I couldn't walk. They were pushing on me. They were shouting 'Stop resisting arrest.' I said 'I'm not, I'm trying to walk.' And then they got me out to the front of the (police) unit and bang, pushed my head down onto the front of the police car," she said.

DeFazio says an ambulance took her in handcuffs and shackles from the police station to the emergency room at the Ottawa Hospital, where she had worked for seven years.

She was treated and released.

The mischief charge against her eventually was dismissed. An investigation into the two officers by the Ottawa Police Service's professional standards branch has begun.