Angry residents say "no" to condos

A citizen's group in the Montreal's Notre-Dame-de-Grace district is trying to stop a zoning change in their neighbourhood.

Developpers hope to turn an abandoned synagogue into a three storey condominium complex.

Residents want to file a court injunction stopping the city of Montreal from allowing the condominiums to be built.

Montreal city councillor Jeremy Searle alleges the city did not follow the required procedure in place for meeting with residents living near the proposed condo site.

"The Jacques Viger Commission refused to allow a presentation from this group and yet they accepted presentations from other groups," Searle insisted.

The commission was set up to examine new development plans and determine what they offer to the city.

The citizens' group "Save N.D.G." says their exclusion from the commission will be the grounds for their injunction request.

Norma Griffith lives on Terrebonne Ave., next to where developpers want to build.

She's seen other condominiums built by the same developpers, and she's not impressed.

"I'm interested in keeping the value of my property the way it is," Griffith said.

She and other residents fear the construction of new condos in the area will force their property values down.

The group says it hopes an injunction will delay any rezoning the city has in mind.

The aim is to force the city to hold off until the new island-wide mega-city is established.