Picture yourself strolling down a Charlottetown street, taking in the Calgary Stampede or celebrating Canada Day in Ottawa, when all of a sudden Prince William and Kate are walking your way. What do you do?

Eugene Berezovsky, a spokesperson for the Monarchist League of Canada who has met several members of the Royal Family, said it's important to be on your best behavior.

"They are coming to visit Canada as part of their first overseas tour, which is a great credit to our country," said Berezovsky. "We want to show them that people are excited about them, that they are eager to see them succeed as a married couple and the future king and queen of this country."

While random encounters during the couple's meticulously organized tour of Canada will be unlikely, hundreds of Canadians will get a chance to meet William and Kate.

Berezovsky also advises using official titles like "Your Royal Highnesses" -- instead of "Will" and "Kate," as they are often called in the press -- as a mark of respect. As for physical contact, shaking hands is fine, but leaning in for a kiss on the cheek is definitely out.

Photography by John Rieti, AP, Getty, Reuters