Canada's newest variety of apple has been dubbed the "Aurora Golden Gala," Agriculture Canada announced last week.

The department held a nationwide contest to name the newly developed apple, originally known as 8s-6923.

The extra-juicy, crispy, yellow fruit was developed at the department's Summerland research station in B.C.'s Okanagan Valley.

Agriculture Canada researcher Sheryl Hampson says once they had the new apple, they held a contest to come up with a catchy name.

"I was hoping we'd get a least 1,000 entries, but we had 11,006 at final tally from every province and every territory in Canada," she said.

"Some guy named Fred suggested 'Fred.' Some guy named George suggested 'George,'" said technician Richard MacDonald.

Others wanted the apple named after their children or pets, said Hampson.

People also suggested it be named after almost every prime minister, while others suggested it honour Terry Fox, she said.

The winning entry, "Aurora Golden Gala," came from an Ottawa woman in honour of the northern lights.

"It just reminded me of the aurora borealis, which is just a very Canadian concept," said winner Dauphne Biggs.

The new apple, which will appear on store shelves soon, has soft skin, a crunchy inside and sweet taste, and is already getting rave reviews.