Alberta Premier Ralph Klein says his government has received overwhelming support for the oil rebates.(CBC)

Albertans could get another round of prosperity cheques if the province makes enough money from its oil and gas resources, Premier Ralph Klein says.

In January, Alberta spent $1.4 billion of its 2005 provincial surplus on cheques worth $400 for every man, woman and child in the province as a way of sharing the province's energy wealth.

Speaking after a humane society ribbon-cutting ceremony in Calgary on Wednesday, Klein said the Resource Rebate payments were wildly popular with some Albertans.

"I go to the ... club and I work out, and you get some of the fat cats – you know, the rich guys – saying, 'You know you should spend it on education. You should do this and you should do that,'" Klein said.

"But the guy who handles the towels says, 'Right on, right on.'"

At the time, the government said the cheques to most of the province's 3.3 million residents were a one-time payment. But Klein has hinted before that there might be another round of cheques in 2006.

On Wednesday, Klein said caucus can't ignore the 86,000 letters of support that his government has received over the program.

The premier said the government should know later this year whether there would be enough money for another round of cheques.

The government's policy is to save one-third of any unplanned surplus, spend one-third and give back the other one-third to Albertans.