Andrey Knyazev was driving the car that struck and killed Catherine MacLean. (CP Photo/Fred Weir)

Three foreign diplomats are the latest to be affected by Canada's crackdown on drunk drivers among members of the embassy and consulate corps.

All three have had their licences suspended after being charged with impaired driving in Ottawa.

They chose to waive their diplomatic immunity and then opted to avoid prosecution by surrendering their licences to Foreign Affairs.

The diplomats' names have not been released.

Canada adopted a zero-tolerance policy for impaired driving by diplomats after a Russian diplomat driving drunk killed an Ottawa woman and injured her friend nearly five years ago.

Catherine MacLean died after she was struck by a car driven by Andrey Knyazev Jan. 27, 2001. Her friend, Catherine Doré, was injured.

Knyazev was driving home drunk after an ice-fishing party.

Knyazev refused a breathalyser and invoked diplomatic immunity, though he was later convicted and sent to prison in Russia.

It was revealed later that Knyazev had four previous brushes with the law because of his driving.