Fresh charges have been laid after police say a northern Ontario man was hit in the face and had his package of wild game sausages stolen.

Provincial police in Parry Sound say the man picked up the sausages Dec. 30 at a wild game dinner at the local community centre before making his way over to a Don Cherry's Sports Grill for a drink.

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They say that while later walking home, the man was followed and attacked by another man who had also been at the restaurant. The packaged meat was allegedly stolen during the altercation.

Police say their investigation of the sausage incident led them to the home of a third man, who they say was wearing blood-stained clothes while cooking a sausage.

They say both men were arrested and the package of sausages was seized at the scene.

One man is charged with assault causing bodily harm and robbery and will appear in court Jan. 10. The other faces counts of possession of stolen property, robbery with violence and theft and will appear Friday.

Both are residents of Parry Sound.

Police didn't identify the man injured in the incident.