$1 million missing in B.C. Hydro scandal

Two of Canada's biggest power companies are at the centre of a corruption scandal involving allegations of missing money, bribery and abuse of power at the highest levels.

B.C. Hydro and SNC Lavalin are part of a Canadian-Pakistani consortium accused of bribing officials of Benazir Bhutto's government so it could overcharge for electricity. The consortium is Southern Electric Power and it is controlled by B.C. Hydro, SNC Lavalin and Pakistani investors.

The consortium built a $160 million power plant in the Punjab and supplies electricity to the area. Pakistan is moving to cancel the contract with Southern Electric.

B.C. Hydro reportedly loaned $1 million to the chief executive officer of Southern Electric. Pakistani officials say that money has disappeared.

In the B.C. legislature, Liberal MPs are grilling the NDP about the loan. Liberal Leader Gordon Campbell says he suspects an NDP cover-up in the affair.