For Small Business Week, we've asked Canadian small business owners to share their experiences with using social media to create buzz and interact with clients.

Sandra Eamor is a small business consultant in York Region, north of Toronto. Her own small business, Seamor Consulting, is just a few months old.

The concept for my business started early 2010, but I got pregnant and did not start actively working on my business until this spring. My business is to consult for small businesses to help them improve operational efficiency in addition to providing documentation and training services.


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I actively started trying to market my business earlier this year. I joined Twitter in April, and have made so many wonderful connections and have already partnered with several other professionals to pursue many various opportunities.

I am very interested in connecting local businesses together. Through Twitter, I made connections and have partnered with three other organizations that are focused on helping small businesses and community initiatives.

I have used social media to improve my local connections to help promote my business. Through Twitter and, I have made several business connections that I otherwise would not have made.

For example, through Twitter, I connected with and am now blogging for their site. This has given me the opportunity to connect with local businesses directly in addition to getting added exposure to everyone who reads the posts.

I have also connected with another lady who runs Vaughan Mompreneurs and am helping her with her operational needs. I have found social media to be an inexpensive way to reach at least some of my target market.

Have a social media strategy

However, I think the time I am putting into is not giving me the desired outcome. From a business perspective, I think I may be wasting my time. However, I am not ready to give up on it yet and hope that it will show some value.

I think I would also greatly benefit from using LinkedIn more, but have not had the time to commit to it.

I don't have a social media strategy in writing. I think this is important as it focuses the time you spend on social media so that your true business practices aren't put at risk of being rushed.

I am not just broadcasting messages about my business. I am honestly trying to engage with the people I connect with online. I offer free help and advice where I can.

It's not about how many followers or "likes" you have. It's about the quality of connections you make. Make sure you have a social media strategy and above all else, be engaged, and engage your online community.