As food prices rise and fears about sustainability increase, there is a movement to adopt an old-fashioned approach to feeding ourselves that is gaining momentum. is a Toronto website devoted to the promotion of canning, freezing and preserving local food. Its followers swap tips and share recipes about preserving food at home.

“I’m very passionate about what we do, about sharing that. I’m very inspired by a lot of farmers and others doing similar things. There’s an entire community of people doing this and I think it’s pretty exciting,” said Joel MacCharles, founder of in an interview with CBC’s Lang & O’Leary Exchange.

MacCharles said preserving your own food is easy and cheap – as food in season tends to be inexpensive.

His approach to sustainable eating includes hunting, a controversial subject for some of his vegetarian followers.

MacCharles discussed the response he gets as an advocate of hunting, how he started preserving his own food and how pickling has changed since your grandmother did it in this video interview.