Forest products company Tembec is closing three pulp mills temporarily because of falling Asian demand, it said Monday.

The closures will remove 35,000 tonnes of production from its output. "The shutdowns announced today will allow Tembec to manage inventories and working capital to the appropriate levels," Yvon Pelletier, executive vice-president, said in a news release.

The Temcell mill in Temiscaming will reduce production between Oct. 11 and Nov 19 by periodically shutting down 1 of two lines of production, taking 16,500 tonnes off the market.

The Matane mill will close from Oct. 19 to Nov. 1 and Nov. 23 to Nov. 29, removing 14,500 tonnes from the market.

The Chetwynd plant will shut down on Oct. 19 and resume operations on Oct. 27, cutting production by 4,000 tonnes.

Temcell can produce 300,000 tonnes a year, Matane 250,000 tonnes and Chetwynd 230,000 tonnes.

It's the company's second cutback in just over a month. The Temcell mill stopped production on Aug. 31 for a week, while Tembec's softwood kraft pulp mill in Tarascon, France, was idled for two weeks in September.