Canada's second-largest telecom company, Telus Corp. , says it will invest $840 million in Quebec over the next three years as part of its 2012 capital spending program.   

Part of the money will be used to expand the reach of its most advanced wireless network in the Montreal and Quebec City areas.   

"This year, Telus will further extend our 4G LTE — the fastest wireless technology in the world — to the Montreal metropolitan region and the Quebec City area, while bringing new wireless and broadband services to even more rural communities," said Francois Cote, president of Telus Quebec.   

The company said its ability to extend the fourth-generation technology into rural areas will depend on the outcome of the next federal auction of spectrum, which give carriers rights to the radio frequencies that carry digital signals to devices.   

The $840-million plan will also be used by Telus to enhance its other infrastructure in the province, including expansion of the Optik TV and Internet services to several communities including Quebec City and construction of an Internet data centre in Rimouski, at a cost of $65 million.   

Vancouver-based Telus announced Friday that it would spend $650 million on advanced technology in Ontario over three years to support its wireless growth, resulting in 900 new jobs.   

The spending plans are part of a $1.85-billion capital spending plan for 2012 that was announced in December.