After facing days of customer complaints, TD Canada Trust says its e-transfer payment system is back in service.

The problem stemmed from a recent platform upgrade which has now been resolved, said the bank. 

One TD customer told CBC News he'd been having problems since Sunday trying to deposit thousands of dollars into his account.

"It's really unacceptable," said Ted Baxby, who lives in Kingston, Ont. The landlord of twenty apartments receives most of his rent money via online transfers. 

On Thursday afternoon, he said he was still having trouble depositing the money, even though TD announced the issue had been fixed.

"This is very frustrating," he said.

Finally, on Thursday evening, Baxby informed CBC News that his money had been deposited. 

On Twitter, CBC News also found other TD customers complaining Thursday afternoon that their electronic payments still weren't going through. 

TD tweeted in response to some of the complaints that service should be restored for most customers, and that "we are working to finish up fixes ASAP."

The bank told CBC News it's closely monitoring the system, and that any customers still facing issues should contact TD.

It also said that the e-transfer payment problem was not widespread. Despite repeated requests for a timeline, the bank would not confirm when the issue started. 

Questions remain

Shaun Rickard, a Toronto home siding contractor, previously told CBC News he couldn't deposit a $1,700 customer e-transfer payment he received Monday morning.

He notified us that his money finally came through on Wednesday. But he says he's still frustrated over TD's lack of an explanation for what went wrong.

Numerous TD customers have complained on social media that they couldn't get answers. Baxby says when he called TD customer service on Nov. 1, a representative implied it was a problem with Interac, which supplies the e-transfer payment service. 

Interac told CBC News that the TD issue had nothing to do with its operations.

We asked TD about customer complaints they couldn't get adequate information about what went wrong. The bank did not address our question.

In July, customers at all of Canada's big banks experienced problems with e-transfers for about two days. The issue stemmed from Interac which was having technical problems.