Tax season is a festive time for those who are nuts about numbers.

In their honour and for their enjoyment, CBC News has compiled some tax trivia, courtesy of Statistics Canada except where noted, including taxes paid by the rich (and the rest of us) for the tax year 2010, the latest year for which there is a range of data.

25.5 million: number of people filing Canadian tax returns.

$118.6 billion: total personal and non-resident income tax collected (federal, provincial and territorial), in the 12 months to March 31, 2011, according to the federal Department of Finance. Up 8.6 per cent from $109.2 billion in 2009.



$14,500: average income tax paid by families of two or more people. Up from $14,200 in 2009.

$8,200: median (meaning half of the people pay more and half pay less than this) income tax paid by families of two or more people. Unchanged from 2009

15.9%: implied tax rate on families with two or more members. Up from 15.7% in 2009.

$8.3 billion: total value of charitable donations claimed.

$1,437: average total of charitable donations claimed per tax filer.

254,700: number of individuals who made up the wealthiest 1% of tax filers.

21%: percentage of women among the wealthiest 1%. Up from 11% in 1982.

10.6%: how much of Canada's total income the wealthiest 1% of tax filers ( i.e. those who paid the most tax in) accounted for. Down from its 2006 peak of 12.1% and up from 7.0% in the early 1980s.

21.2%: proportion of total income taxes collected paid by the richest 1%. Down from a 2007 peak of 23.3%.

$201,400: minimum annual income to be considered in the wealthiest 1%.

$283,400: the median income of the richest 1%.

$28,400: the median income of the remaining 99%.

$90,100: the median income tax paid by the richest 1%. 

$1,800: the median income tax paid by the remaining 99%.