A new CIBC poll suggests 64 per cent of Canadians feel positive about their current financial situation, a finding the bank describes as strong, though five per cent lower than a year ago.

The poll, conducted for the bank in mid-November by Harris/Decima, also found that an even higher number of Canadians — 72 per cent  were confident they would reach their future financial goals, unchanged from last year.

Across age groups, confidence in achieving financial goals was generally strong, although there was a declining trend with age.

'Canadians are entering 2012 with a generally positive outlook on their finances.' —Christina Kramer, CIBC

For example, among Canadians aged 18 to 34, 78 per cent said they were confident of reaching their financial goals. However, among Canadians closer to retirement —those 55 to 64 — only 68 per cent felt their goals were achievable.

Responses also varied by province, with those feeling good about meeting future goals running from a high of 85 per cent in Alberta to a low of 60 per cent in Quebec.

And among those happy with their current financial situation, positive responses ran from a high of 72 per cent, also in Alberta, to a low of 54 per cent in British Columbia.

Broadly upbeat

"Canadians are entering 2012 with a generally positive outlook on their finances, although they are somewhat less positive about their current financial situation than they were a year ago," said Christina Kramer, executive vice-president, retail distribution and channel strategy at CIBC.

"[Still] it's encouraging to see more Canadians recognizing the importance of setting financial goals for themselves and a strong level of confidence in achieving those goals," Kramer said.

The poll, conducted by Harris/Decima, surveyed  2,015 people and is considered accurate with a margin of plus or minus 2.2 percentage points 19 times out of 20.