A graphic look at Jim Flaherty's speech

The words appearing most frequently in the text of the 2010 budget speech

Finance Minister Jim Flaherty introduced the government's 2010 budget today.

The image below shows the 150 most frequently used words from that speech. The more often a word was used, the larger it appears in the image.  Common words plus budget, government, Canada (and derivatives) and country do not appear.  The word cloud was created using wordle.

The largest word, "jobs," appears 29 times in the text of the speech. Business or businesses appear 22 times, economy 15 and tax 14 times. The total speech contains about 3,400 words.

In Flaherty's 2009 budget speech the words used most frequently were new and help (excluding words as above plus "Economic Action Plan," the government's title for that budget).