Sweet talk with candy-maker Ganong

CBC talks to Bryana Ganong, product manager at Ganong Bros. Ltd.. Canada’s oldest candy maker.
Bryana Ganong talks about how the family candy business survives a competitive marketplace 4:54

Ganong Bros. Ltd. is Canada’s oldest candy maker and a pioneer in its industry, having created the first wrapped chocolate bar in 1910 and introduced the heart-shaped candy box to Canada.

At 140 years old, it has seen five generations of leadership by the Ganong family. The St. Stephen, N.B.-based company is now headed by David Ganong.

It’s Pal-O-Mine, a soft fudge, coconut and peanut bar covered in dark chocolate, is Ganong's oldest product, first manufactured in 1920. Ganong is also known for the Delecto boxed chocolates, its Fruitfull fruit jellies and its Chicken Bones hard candies.

Bryana Ganong, vice president of business development for Ganong, spoke to CBC’s Lang & O’Leary Exchange about the sweet holiday season and how Ganong has survived the ups and downs of a very competitive business.


  • David Ganong is president of Ganong Bros. An earlier version of this story had incorrect information.
    Dec 04, 2013 2:49 PM ET


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