Subaru is recalling 2,813 vehicles with remote car starters in Canada because the engines can start themselves spontaneously if the owner drops the key fob.

The recall is part of a larger recall of 47,000 vehicles in the United States. Transport Canada says Crosstrek's from the 2013 model year, Outbacks and Legacys from 2010 to 2013, and Impreza's from 2012 and 2013 are affected. All in all, 2,813 cars in Canada are included.

The company says if the key fob is dropped, it can malfunction and start the engine. The motor will run for up to 15 minutes, but could continue to start and stop until the car runs out of gas or the fob battery dies. If the cars are parked in a garage, there's a risk of carbon monoxide buildup.

The cars all have automatic or continuously variable transmissions. The issue is only with the key fob, not the engine, and Subaru dealers will replace the fobs free of charge.

There was no mention of injuries related to the recall. A request for comment by CBC News to Subaru was not immediately returned.

With files from The Associated Press