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Sophia Harris has worked as a CBC video journalist across the country, covering everything from the start of the annual lobster fishery in Yarmouth, N.S., to farming in Saskatchewan. She now has found a good home at the business unit in Toronto. Contact:

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CRTC investigating 'possible misleading' telco sales practices after first rejecting the idea

The CRTC has launched a public inquiry into "possible misleading or aggressive" sales practices used by telecom companies, a move the regulator flatly refused to make just six months ago.

Customers call scrapped cellphone fee misleading, and some are still paying it

Thought that annoying system access fee was a thing of the past? Turns out, the saga isn’t over. Some people are still paying the controversial wireless phone charge. Meanwhile, a class action lawsuit targeting the fee is making its way to trial.

Walmart pulls T-shirts with 'vile' product descriptions about female hockey fans

Walmart and other companies involved are apologizing after a group of women complained about how a line of T-shirts marketed its wares.

Canada drops mustard from retaliatory tariff list while ketchup remains a target

Mustard made the proposed retaliatory tariff list of U.S. goods, but the federal government eventually dropped it after Canadian mustard lobbyists argued the tariff could backfire.

Canada's retaliatory tariffs are coming — and they could hurt Canadians, too

Some U.S. goods that Ottawa plans to hit with retaliatory tariffs may not be easily replaced by imports from other countries. That leaves everyday Canadians to foot the bill for the federal government’s skirmish with its neighbour.

Ketchup wars: Heinz defends its image as tariffs kick in on U.S.-made condiment

Kraft Heinz isn’t feeling the love from Canada these days — especially when it comes to its U.S.-made ketchup which now faces Canadian tariffs. As a result, the U.S. food company is trying to change its image north of the border.

Pot companies on hiring spree ahead of lucrative legal market

Considering a career in the cannabis business? Now may be the time to jump in as marijuana companies ramp up production and rush to fill jobs ahead of pot’s legalization on Oct. 17.

Surveys asking if men are superior, whether gays deserve equal rights spark a research rethink

The head of the association representing pollsters in this country says in this era of social movements such as #MeToo, it's time for the industry to rethink its approach to probing for opinions on delicate topics.

Hudson's Bay, other stores pressured to dump Trump products, amid tariff tiff

The recent tariff dispute between Canada and U.S. has sparked a renewed social media call to boycott stores carrying Trump family merchandise.

Aeroplan promises a transformed rewards program in 2020, but will it fly?

Aeroplan promises a new beginning, but that isn't quelling fears among members about its future after Air Canada finishes cutting ties with the rewards program in 2020.

Do wireless customers have a right to paper bills? Telus's Koodo says no

Koodo, Telus’s discount wireless brand, is shifting entirely to e-billing, sparking complaints from customers, including seniors, who still want paper bills. In response, advocacy groups have filed a complaint with the CRTC to try to stop the move.

McDonald's drops grilled cheese from Happy Meals for 'nutrition' reasons, keeps less healthy cheeseburger

Eleven years after introducing grilled cheese sandwiches as a vegetarian option in Happy Meals, McDonald’s Canada has pulled the item from its menu in the name of nutrition. But protesting parents point out the less healthy cheeseburger remains.

'Amazing' Manitoba double-data offers spark questions over why only some provinces get the best phone deals

While many Manitobans are revelling in a double-data phone deal, Canadians elsewhere are left wondering why they can't get the same offer.

Wireless wars heat up with 'battle' over data-heavy plans

All the major telcos are offering phone plans topped up with bonus data. Most telcos are offering one to three extra gigabytes, but Rogers is doubling the data on two Manitoba plans.

Phasing out the checkout line: Retailers race to make shopping more seamless

As retailers compete to create a more convenient shopping experience, they're testing out many novel ideas. But not every new concept is winning over consumers, including scan and go which failed to catch on with Walmart customers in the U.S.