A new analysis by career website TheLadders suggests that a person's given name, and even nickname, can hinder their salary expectations at work.  

The New York-based online job search service arrived at the conclusion after gathering data on salary levels, industry, and location provided to them by the website's six million users.

The top men's names based on salary were Tom, Rob, Dale, Doug, and Wayne. The highest female earners were named Lynn, Melissa, Cathy, Dana, and Christine all topping the list.

Comparing the salaries of the two sexes, women were found to make 22 per cent less than male counterparts.

A linear regression was also applied to conclude that every additional letter added to a given name accounted for a $3,600 drop in a person's salary.

To test the theory, 24 given names were compared to nicknames and in all cases except one, Lawrence vs. Larry, the longer name won.

An further analysis found names beginning with the letters F, G, B, P, R, and W, to be top average salary earners.