RCMP vow to lick counterfeit stamp ring

RCMP and local police forces searched dozens of businesses in the Montreal area Tuesday as part of a 10-month-long investigation into counterfeit and re-used postage stamps.

RCMP and local police forces searched two dozen businesses in the Montreal area Tuesday as part of a 10-month-long investigation into counterfeit and re-used postage stamps.

Two people were arrested.

Postal inspectors from Canada Post and the RCMP in Montreal and Toronto have been probing a possible network of stamp counterfeiters for almost a year.

 Other counterfeited items in Canada 

 Transit tokens
 Luxury goods
 Credit cards
 Prescription drugs

Since last May, authorities have seized 40,000 fake stamps and 10,000 re-used stamps. The re-used stamps were sold online. The counterfeits were sold in convenience stores individually or in booklets of 10, the RCMP said in a release.

A Canada Post franchise is apparently one of the businesses being investigated.

"It appears that the stamps seized originated from the same source of distribution," the RCMP said.

The stamps feature the same series of images — a portrait of the Queen, images of the Vancouver Olympics, and photos of Canadian lighthouses. 

Five people have been arrested so far. Charges were filed Tuesday against two suspects in Toronto. The other arrests were in Montreal. 

The investigation continues. Police say more charges could be filed.