Academy Award nominees no doubt hope to hear their names called on Sunday in Los Angeles and get shiny statuettes, but even many of the losers will be going home with a lot of gold.

Each nominee for a major individual award will receive a gift bag stuffed with more than $165,000 worth of goodies, according to Distinctive Assets, a marketing agency in Hollywood that makes the bags every year.

Last year, the value of the goods in each bag set a record at $85,000 US. This year, it's more than $165,000.

According to a release from the agency, anyone nominated for one of the the academy's major awards will go home with items including the following, and what they're valued at (but it's by no means an exhaustive list):

  • A three-night stay at a Tuscan resort ($1,500).
  • A luxury train ride through the Canadian Rockies ($14,500).
  • Mediterranean sea salts ($1,500).
  • A silver necklace etched with the co-ordinated of the Dolby Theatre where the Oscars are held, (made by jeweller Lat & Lo, $150).
  • A luxury camping trip ($12,500).
  • Custom-made candies and desserts ($800).
  • A gold bike — yes, a gold bike — from Martone Cycling ($1,200).
  • A donation made in their names to the animal charity of their choice Halo Natural Pet Food ($10,000)
  • A family portrait session from Lifestyle Photography ($5,000).
  • A hormone injection known as an O-shot ($5,000).
  • A box of luxury condoms ($56).
  • Headphones from LG ($150).
  • Dove anti-perspirant ($5.49).
  • A vaporizer from Haze ($250).
  • Acne treatment from Coral Actives ($50).
  • A vibrator from Afterglow ($250).
  • A gift pack from spa Wellness 260 ($1,200).
  • A year's worth of Audi A4 car rentals from Silvercar ($20,000)
  • A lifestyle makeover package from Reset Yourself ($14,200)
  • A personal visit from Enigma Life founder Olessia Kantor, who will "discuss their 2015 horoscope, analyze dreams and teach them mind-control techniques" ($20,000)

The gift bags come despite the protestations of the academy itself, which voted in 2006 to try to end the distribution of lavish gifts at the event after the Internal Revenue Service complained recipients would have to pay taxes on them.

Indeed, Distinctive Assets goes to great pains it is not officially affiliated with any Oscar or  A.M.P.A.S events. But if you are on this exclusive list of nominees — you're in for a gift on Sunday regardless of who wins.