The new chief executive of Tim Hortons is reconsidering everything from coffee cup sizes to doughnut selection as he begins a widespread review of the chain's operations.

Marc Caira says he wants to make it easier and faster to order at the counter because customers want a "flawless" experience.

That will likely include simplifying the company's menu, which at this point includes a rotating selection of more than 60 types of doughnuts and no less than five different coffee cup sizes.

Caira said his past experience as an executive at Nestle's South American operations means he comes to Tim Hortons with an open mind and thinking like a customer.

"Future battles are not going to be won, in my view, with who has the best strategy or who has the best innovation," he said.

"The companies that will win will be the companies that can execute flawlessly at the store level."

Lunch menu could expand to dinner

Tim Hortons has been faced with an onslaught of competition from coffee chains like Starbucks and fast food restaurants like McDonald's, which have offered deep discounts to their customers and loyalty programs.

Caira said the company needs to consider launching innovative platforms it can build on, rather than just new products. Hot lunches have been a popular focus for the company over the past year and soon could expand into more options angled at dinner-hour customers.

"The panini started out as a platform for lunch; we can easily take it into breakfast," he said.

He added that while he hasn't made any specific decisions for changes of the menu, or the company's operations as a whole, he plans to unveil a new strategic plan before the end of the year.

Tim Hortons shares rose 17 cents to $59.25 on Tuesday on the Toronto Stock Exchange.